The history of venetian plaster (decorative stucco) has rich heritage, dating back several thousand years. Its origin: some believe emergence was in Venice during the renaissance period, other suggest it originated in ancient Egypt.
Venetian plaster originates in sea beds from many years compressed layers of crushed shell which takes thousands of years, if not millions to form became more popular in the Roman Empire to imitate natural stone surfaces inside palazzo’ s, villa and cathedrals, artisans would blend lime plaster with marble then trowel it on to walls & Ceilings with a Spatula Trowel in multiple thin layers with short overlapping strokes to get the desires finish once finished the plaster was cool to the touch, marmoriono , with its durability , natural beauty appearance of natural stone became more popular and was used extensively on surfaces in Venice.
In the mid 1900’s Carlo Scarpa, an Italian architect, began using glues and resins to achieve the same effect. In doing so he changed the process taking this from a seven-layer system to a three.
Both old and new versions can achieve truly outstanding decorative affects, we are lucky to have this technique to keep our historic buildings looking of natural beautiful with this handcrafted technique created also updated over thousands of years this material has proven itself is still Achieving its natural beauty after all this time.
Authentic venetian plaster with a limestone base is one of the most natural substances you can use in your home.
It’s also one of the most enduring and works well in areas of dampness. Its non-toxic and low VOCs. It is breathable because it allows moisture to escape through porous surface, making it water resistant, anti mould and mildew, making it ideal for Bathrooms, shower rooms and wet areas, as well as interior and exterior walls.
Whether you want an old world, rustic look throughout your home. Or perhaps to enhance the look of a contemporary project, there’s a whole range of bespoke finishes available, please feel free to contact us with your project at hand, we can help you with interior designers if needed to complete the perfect look for your project.

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