What is Tadelakt?

This is one of the most requested finishes and very popular withing interior design also architecture finishes, mutual colour are very popular or the muffled look.

Tadelakt, sometimes referred to as moroccan plaster, is a traditional plaster in digamous to the marrakesh region of morocco that can be used as a stylish wall & ceiling coverings as an alternative to tiles.

Tadelakt is a traditional moroccan wall surfacing technique composed of lime plaster and black soaps made from olives. when the ingredients are combined, a chemical reaction the two creates a waterproof membrane, making tadelakt plaster suitable for showers and bathroom wet areas.

Moroccan wall finish tadelakt plaster has a smooth natural stone feel with a matt shiny look with traditional polishing methods with polishing soaps & natural river stones.

Can be sealed with natural tadelakt soaps (Kreidezeit) or black olive oil soap to give the fully waterproof seal, with a seamless finish, creating a waterproof seal rubbing a riverstone over the final layer to seal or a burnishing trowel can be used pending the affect for the chosen area.

Low maintenance cleaning, the surface is resistant to mould & anti bacteria making it perfect for damp areas like bathrooms, spas, showers.

Avoid cleaning with harsh bleach solvent materials as this may destroy the waterproof membrane installed, clean with a warm damp cloth.

Clean with natural tadelakt soaps to keep the natural moroccan finish to give you the high-class natural feel of being total unique to relax & unwind & enjoy.

Any questions, please email for more information on your project in hand.