What is Microcement – it is a modern cement based decorative material installed to a thickness of 2-3 mill on completion depending on the chosen texture being installed, the perfect material to be used as an alternative to tiles, from floors to bathrooms the seamless finished makes the chosen space feel extremely modern feel and sleek, making the chosen space feel bigger being a seamless finish, the perfect material for open plan living in households to commercial retail settings.

Microcement is a material becoming extremely popular within the construction & retail industry its unique seamless surface design is available in a wide range of colours and we can make up bespoke colours on request to complete your design to perfection completing your finished look.

All Applicators have undergone intensive training to install all microcement to a high standard of expectation, trained to install from leading UK microcement company offering all customers in retail to commercial a wide range of beautiful finishes within this decorative material .

Seamless floors / full belt & braces systems

We can install microcement to concrete screed floors – liquid screed floors – Existing tiles areas – Concrete stairs – Worktops – Bathrooms – Ceilings and walls. compatible with underfloor heating systems, hard wearing , scratch resistant and easy to maintain.

Bathrooms & Wet rooms

Micro – Quartz is the material for bathrooms & shower rooms & any other wet area-installed to a specification of multiple layers to complete the installation, available in a course of a smooth finish to suite your project, availability to have feature walling metallic affects, all materials 100% waterproof before sealers installed avoiding mutable layers of sealers, finish style’s available in a Matt – Satin – Gloss to complete the finished chosen look.

Benefits of microcement to your project

Microcement seamless surface design is a modern material creating a unique feel to any chosen space becoming more popular with architects and interior designers making the ideal space bigger being a seamless surface with it being an anti slip material , hard wearing – easy to clean and 100% waterproof before the application any sealers, suitable for high traffic areas such as – Hotels – Spas – Commercial retail – new buildings also renovated buildings, seamless surface design is available in a wide range of colours, bespoke colours available to suite you project ,see our other works in our gallery or Instagram to get ideas for your project and please feel free contact us for more information moving forward with your project.