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Bespoke Venetian Plaster

Decorative Luxury Paint

Tadelakt Plaster

Tadelakt is a traditional Moroccan Wall Surfacing Technique Composed of Lime Plaster and black Soaps made from Olives. When the ingredients are combined, a Chemical reaction the two creates a waterproof membrane, making Tadelakt plaster suitable for Showers and bathroom Wet Areas.

Marble Plaster

Micro Cement

Micro Cement is an up-and-coming material with Architects & Interior Designers and becoming avery popular choice when renovations to existing buildings and of new buidling projects.


Textured Affect ideally used for a Feature walling, Scraped or a Dragged Affect or Block Affect


San Marco Colours

San Marco Paint is a unique elegant special textured paint for interiors that can create features with soft reflective iridescence. with a vast range of Colours to choose from to transform your ideal space, this is available with Glitter added to have the Sparkle effects or can be installed without, either option will be successful as they are all stunning Paints to have in your Design.

Venezia Stucco